Joy (Zhou Wei Qing)

Date of Birth:

Tuesday, 18 November 1997



Support Status:

Fully Sponsored

Sponsored By:

  • Rebecca Tvedt Skarberg
  • Knut Eric

Joy is just that!

She was found by a family when she was really young that has stuck by her side and embraced her as one of their own. Because of her condition they had to bring her to Agape but are doing everything emotionally, physically and financially they can to help her.

In the year she has been here she has received medication and therapy and she has found a passion for JESUS!

Joy is an eager student and this is her first time being in school and learning Chinese. She spends her free time in the classroom or reading her bible; she has preached the gospel about Jesus' love to her family and is trying to get them to understand her new JOY.

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