Joanna (Chaung Ping)

Date of Birth:

Tuesday, 05 May 1992


Abuse Victim



Support Status:

Partially Sponsored

Monthly Need:


Sponsored By:

  • Willon & Chia-Jui Wai

Joanna is a very deleightful, well mannered, young lady. She studies hard and speaks nearly perfect English (self taught).  In 2003, when Joanna arrived at AFLH, the story would not have been the same.  Coming from an orphanage north of Beijing, she was a very confused, frightened, young lady.  She grew up in an envrionment which combined orphans and old folks in the same facility.  

Being the oldest child in the orphanage at that time,  the old men liked to make her life difficult. After only a short time at AFLH, the effects of  of her previous environment were overpowered by the love she experienced here.  

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