Friends from all around!

Tuesday, July 03 2012 Posted in Newsletter

Friends from another foster home came and visited on July 3rd, bringing some needed supplies and encouraging us with their presence. Achilles and Sunny have been friends of Clay and Jewel for a few years and love to come and see AFLH and visit the children in our care. Later in the day, artists from the Prune Nourry Studio came to visit to see about doing a project about the plight of the older orphan in China. During their visit, they also taught the school kids some French and translated their names into French! Our thanks to Prune, Ti Ti, Guillaume and Gaelle we hope you enjoyed your visit as much as did our kids!

Visit by Danny's friends from NY

Sunday, July 01 2012 Posted in Newsletter

Last month Danny’s friends Esther and her brother James came from NY to visit! Their visit was a part of their “final summers” before entering the workforce and med school. Though there was not much to do, James and Esther were able to help in as many duties possible at the foster home as well as the bakery. They took turns being with the kids in the schoolroom in the morning, then switched gears in the afternoon either teaching violin or helping out at the bakery.

Another 'Hello, Goodbye'

Friday, June 29 2012 Posted in Newsletter

Another ‘hello, goodbye’ moment occurred last week as we sent Tammy, Jason, and Gabe on to another adventure in China. No sooner had they gone, when a friend from another foster home stopped by and donated some booster seats so all the children can eat at the dining room table together! Thanks Julie Weeks for your thoughtful donations!

A Sad Farewell

Thursday, June 28 2012 Posted in Newsletter

Gwen has now left Bread of Life Bakery and Agape Family Life House. Though her time at with us was short, her impression will be everlasting. We pray she will be safe and know that we love her and will always have a home here for her if she is able to return. :(

Last Hurrah

Sunday, June 24 2012 Posted in Newsletter

As was mentioned last week, Gwen was set to leave on Thursday, Aug. 16, due to medical conditions. With all our schedules miraculously free, we took Gwen and all the bakery women out for one last ‘hurrah’ at a Chinese-style hotpot restaurant.

Another Movie Night

Saturday, June 23 2012 Posted in Newsletter

Our resident videographer, Aaron Stair, made another one of his many visits on Aug 17. Our kids love his enthusiasm and deep curiosity for their lives. Also, they love that he speaks Chinese! In addition to himself, Aaron brought three of his friends, Jayde, Hank, and Echo. Falling prey to Joseph and Ruby’s irresistible pleas, Aaron and his friends got lured into a series of matches of UNO! Upon finishing the Uno matches, Aaron set up his projector to begin his tradition of “Movie Nite.” Thankfully, the Home Alone series finishes at 4 so we were finally able to move on with the movie UP. Thank you Aaron for another wonderful night at the movies!

Summer Visitors Galore!

Thursday, June 21 2012 Posted in Newsletter

Some friends from another foster home, a group from Indianapolis, Indiana,came to visit on August 17. They shared some fun songs and did some crafts for the kids. Sharing more of His story in the process.

ITF Visit and Gwen Update

Wednesday, June 20 2012 Posted in Newsletter

A group from “Into the Field” visited today and did some singing and crafts with the children. The crafts were blended with stories from the Good Book of course! Also blessing us with some needed supplies and falling in love with our children. On a sad note, after her hospital visit last week, the doctors asked us to bring Gwen back to do some further testing and we received some unfortunate news. We found out that she had been diagnosed with a heart condition manifesting itself since she came to us but probably something she has had since birth. She will be leaving us later next week for her home orphanage so that she may receive all the medical care she needs. If you can, lift her up this day.

More Interns Cometh!

Sunday, June 17 2012 Posted in Newsletter

Today we are blessed to invite Tammy, her son Jason and his friend Gabe to join our intern / volunteer staff. Like Robert, their servant-like hearts reached our children in the classroom as well as our hearts as they helped maintain our newly planted shrubs, did some major sorting / organizing of our “library in progress” and spent their free time getting to know and playing with our kids.

Hello Maifa, Goodbye Bex

Saturday, June 16 2012 Posted in Newsletter

on June 16, DongFangHuaYuan was greeted with a beautiful day of sunshine and rustic air. Some of the older children stayed in and watched some TV, while others visited our growing library, diving into a good book. Maifa, a teacher at Dulwich College Beijing, and her family came to visit Agape again, leading the kids in fun crafts. We are thankful for the continuous love, support and normalcy Maifa’s family brings with them each and every time they come. It is always exciting to see the outcome of the project and the uniqueness of the art Maifa, Andy and Jack bring! We will miss them during their trip to Canada for the summer! As with the children’s artwork from their Monday art class we are exploring ways to frame and sell this artwork too. When you come for a visit, look for some art you might want to take home with you! June 16th also marked the last day for ‘Bex’, one of Bread of Life Bakery’s volunteers from the UK. We are incredibly thankful for her willingness to have come to the bakery nearly every weekend for the past three months, adding friendship and creating relationships in the lives of our young adult women. There were plenty of laughs all around and we spent our final moments creating fond memories… zai jian!

Field Trip to Dulwich!

Friday, June 15 2012 Posted in Newsletter

Field Trip to Dulwich!
On June 15th, Joseph had the wonderful opportunity to go visit Maifa’s 1st grade class at Dulwich College Beijing for the third time this year. As if he’s been there all year, he zoomed through the hallways straight into her classroom, enjoying all there was to offer; fellow children of his age, stimulating educational games, and a warm learning environment. Ruby was unable to join him during this trip due to a slight fall she took while she was sleeping the night before. As we are keeping her health and healing in our hearts, we hope that all of you will too!! Joseph got to experience a birthday celebration this time, each child whispering in the birthday girl’s ear a special wish. Joseph fit right in by wheeling over and wishing her a special whispered “Happy Birthday!” His proficiency in his wheelchair lets him get around wherever he needs or wants too even with lots of other children underfoot and seeing him in an actual classroom is a sight to see.

Splish Splash!

Thursday, June 14 2012 Posted in Newsletter

Splish Splash!
June 14 was the was opening day of the therapy pool at AFLH this year. The therapy pool is a vital part of our care for the OI children because it provides a safe environment in which they get much needed exercise to strengthen their leg muscles so they can walk, especially during the recovery time after rodding surgery. We would like to keep the pool operating year round, however, when the winter temperatures drop significantly, the costs to heat the water and the pool room are just too much for our budget, so we close the pool for the winter. Re-opening the pool is a much awaited event. Because the pool offers the side benefit of fun and recreation, all of our children (including Clay =p ) couldn’t wait to get into their swimsuits and take a dip in the cool and refreshing oasis. Our traveling physical therapist, Beth, was also excited to be back in the pool so that she could provide the OI children with needed therapy in safety of the pool while enjoying a bit of fun at the same time.

Lions Visit

Thursday, June 07 2012 Posted in Newsletter

Lions Visit
On June 7th, we had two returning friends who brought with them three colleagues from Beijing. During their visit, we showed them the newest, recently completed, foster home and introduced them to the new changes here at Agape Family Life House! With a generous heart, one of their colleagues from the International Lions Club donated 4 boxes of Vitameal from “Nourish the Children.” We want to give the Lions Club a special THANK YOU shout out for the thoughtful gift of nourishment for our kids! Although their time was short, they were still able to spend time some individual time with all our children. Like the Japanese congregation which visited on Children's Day, these friends helped further develop our kids’ skills in origami. This time, the younger children learned how to make finger puppets in the shape of animals, and our older children learned how to create a decorative box.


Saturday, June 02 2012 Posted in Newsletter


Before we begin this blog, we here at Agape Family Life House just want to say to everyone who has been supporting us by financial donations and / or by lifting up "meaningful thoughts," THANK YOU !! You are the life force behind everything that we are able to accomplish here and we are extremely grateful for your continued love and support =]

We hope that through reading this blog you be able to feel more a part of the activities at AFLH!

New Site Launched!

Written by Richard Bullis

Hello AGAPE FAMILY LIFE HOUSE friends and families!

We are EXTREMELY EXCITED to ANNOUNCE that the newly renovated and more user friendly AGAPE FAMILY LIFE HOUSE website is finally available.

This new website has been updated to provide you with the latest news of the many changes which have taken place over the past six months or so, PLUS, it has incorporated some incredible new features and has some amazing capabilities.

Now you can:

  • Get up to date information on the sponsorship status of each of our kids
  • Find out which organizations are among our faithful supporters
  • See video updates and greetings from the kids on a frequent basis
  • Share your messages to the staff and kids at AFLH
  • Donate on line via paypal either on a one time or regular AUTOMATIC monthly basis if you so choose
  • Plus, easily access the latest newsletters, photos, and updates.

You will be able to find out what has happened to kids who have moved on from AFLH due to adoption, transfers, education, employment, marriage, etc., and generally get a better understanding of how YOU have made a difference in the lives of AFLH kids.

Please read this important message regarding user accounts transferred from the old site.

Our special thanks to webmaster Benjamin of iSynergy Inc. in Wood Dale, IL for his many hours of work to design and maintain this tremendous website. If you need such talents, please consider contacting iSynergy for assistance.