Ronald McDonald House Fundraiser - August 2012

Sunday, September 30 2012

Ronald McDonald House Fundraiser - August 2012

Keith Wyse was asked to be a speaker on behalf of Ronald McDonald House Charities and as representatives of Agape Family Life House,  the Wyse Family and the Bullis Family were invited to attend the fundraising event.

As you can see from the pictures, it was quite a gala affair with many wealthy people in attendance. We were originally told it was a picnic so we needn’t dress up. What a surprise when we arrived and saw the other guests. It would have been easy to have been embarrassed, but we all chose not to sweat the small things.  After all, we were the invited speakers and representatives of Ronald McDonald House :>) .

The Event: Ronald McDonald House Charities, The Carousel of Possible Dreams

The Location: Place de la Musique on the grounds of the Sanfilippo Estate in Barrington Hills, Il

Date: August 4, 2012

Participants paid to ride this amazing Carousel and while they were riding, they continued to raise funds by calling friends and associates. The event raised over $225,000 for the Ronald McDonald House Charities and Easter Seals.

The event was sponsored by the Festival of Children Foundation.

Hawaii Team Visit

Monday, September 24 2012 Posted in Newsletter

A Team from Hawaii made a return visit to AFLH.  These folks are always a great blessing.  The men assisted with some construction work like laying a brick sidewalk and building a brick wall while the ladies did crafts and taught the children inside.  Thank You Hawaii Team for being a great blessing! 

Johanna's Story

Thursday, September 13 2012

Johanna, now 19 years old, has been part of the Wyse family for nearly 9 yrs. Although Johanna is not adopted by the Wyse’s; she is still a daughter to them. The Wyse’s remember well the day they were asked to go and meet Johanna at her orphanage.

Corina Smith - Volunteer

Thursday, September 13 2012

Volunteer - Corina Smith

My name is Corina Smith; I’m 20 yrs old and from Warwickshire England. Over the past year I have been studying Chinese at Peking University and in February I started looking for a volunteer role I could do one day a week. I saw Bread of Life on “The Beijinger” website and, although there was nothing mentioned about recruiting volunteers, I took a chance and emailed Danny asking if he'd be interested in my help, and it all went from there.



Tuesday, September 11 2012

On August 1st Esther had surgery to have her right femur rodded. We were quite concerned about how she would respond to the surgery because, two years ago, she had the same surgery done in China and was left almost traumatized. The Hospital in China is not the same as Shiners, and Mommy and Daddy were not there, so of course she was scared.

Joseph Update

Tuesday, September 11 2012

There have recently been some changes in Joseph’s life. A few months ago he moved into a new house that Agape had just finished renovating. Since this new house is home for the Agape children under the age of 10, Joseph is the only boy in this house, but he has no problem with that at all!

More OI Foundation News

Monday, September 10 2012 Posted in Newsletter

The weekend at the conference was great; the Wyse’s made many new friends, and lots of new connections.

Pictured (Left) is a great young man from Arizona. Seeing what someone with a difficult situation like Chris could do with his life, and how he could use his life as a perfect example was a real inspiration to Keith.

Esther's US Citizenship Finalized

Monday, September 10 2012

In May, Esther’s Chinese adoption was finally complete.  When all the formalities were accomplished within China, the Wyse’s headed to the States to finalize the adoption and get Esther checked out at Shiner's Hospital in Chicago.

After lots of blood tests, X-Rays, and bone scans, Esther was all set to have her right Femur rodded, but then Esther tested positive for TB and was placed on antibiotics to help stop the illness. Although the medicine will need to be taken for 9 months, Esther needed her left Femur rodded, because her femur had broken 3 times last year, and Esther really wanted to walk. Therefore, Shiner’s decided that after Esther took one month’s worth of the meds, they would do her surgery. The month passed and Esther had surgery on August 1st.

President's Award from OI Foundation

Thursday, August 23 2012 Posted in Newsletter

Keith Wyse Named 2011 Volunteer of the Year by OI Foundation

July 15th the Wyse family traveled to Washington DC, There Keith received the President’s award from the OI Foundation as the 2011 volunteer of the year. What an honor to be recognized for this award, given on behalf of all the work being done in China at the Agape Family Life House and through the OI Association of China.


Friday, August 17 2012 Posted in Newsletter

Bread of Life Bakery’s, Gwen, went to the hospital Aug. 10 for some blood work. We were concerned as she had been losing a bit of color in her face, developing some swelling in her ankles, and experiencing shortness of breath. Please lift up thoughts of healing for her.

Intern Season 2012 Begins

Friday, July 13 2012 Posted in Newsletter

Intern Season 2012 Begins
Agape Family Life House was excited to welcome our first intern of the 2012 Intern Season! Summer is usually the time when most of our interns come during thier time off from school. June 13, our first intern for 2012, Robert arrived from the US, and spent two weeks volunteering in many ways around AFLH. For Robert, helping in the classroom was a highlight of his time, and we hope that the one-on-one teaching he did with our kids, helped them progress in their class work. With the addition of some new energy, we were very excited to see what wonderful things Our Father has done for the AFLH children through Robert. Interns are a valuable resource for AFLH. Perhaps you have a heart to come and help for a while. If so let us hear from you and welcome to Agape!

Checking our teeth

Tuesday, July 10 2012 Posted in Newsletter

Last month, Jewel made dental appointments for all our kids to get their teeth cleaned and worked on if necessary. The folks over at A & S Dental graciously offered their services to us once again. Our thanks go out to Dr. Vivian Chang for helping us keep our teeth bright and shining! =D

More 'Hello, Goodbyes'

Friday, July 06 2012 Posted in Newsletter

July 6th was the departure date for our friends, Esther and James. Though their time at Agape was short, their music and their beaming smiles will resonate in our hearts forever! Friends from another foster home visited that day. They hail from New York. Elissa and Alan VanRathe have been faithful friends and encouragers of Clay and Jewel for several years and have huge hearts for the children of China. They brought supplies and spent a few hours interacting with the children of Agape.

Interns Galore!

Thursday, July 05 2012 Posted in Newsletter

We welcomed two new interns July 5th! Sonya comes to us from the greater country of Canada, while Emma dropped in from Clay and Jewel’s stopping grounds, Spokane, Washington. A dynamic duo, the two were destined to do great things, and great things they did!! Throughout their stay, Emma and Sonya spent endless hours finishing up sorting all the donations of clothes we had received this past year. In addition, they helped Jewel finalize the sorting of all our crafting items. More sorting happened when they helped clean out the schoolroom as well! The involvement of interns is a valuable contribution to the accomplishments of AFLH...

4th of July

Wednesday, July 04 2012 Posted in Newsletter

On July 4 we joined our fellow brothers and sisters in America in celebrating Independence Day. Bread of Life Bakery provided hot dog buns, hamburger buns, and their accompanying meats. Jewel led the women of the bakery in making her delicious potato salad as well! James also showed off his culinary skills by slicing several kilograms of potatoes into fries. Danny’s poor execution was the only reason for their lack of an appearance =( . No fireworks unfortunately, but we didn’t mind since those go off almost every other day here (haha). God Bless America!