New Baby comes to AFLH

Saturday, December 22 2012 Posted in Newsletter

AFLH has a new baby! Wei She Yu, English name Angela, came to us on 12/12/12, from Shanxi province. She is 2 months old and very alert, following you with her eyes. She arrived with a cast on her little arm due to her OI condition but is doing very well. She is sure hungry when feeding time comes! Has her nap times and wake times a bit mixed up but we are working on that. What a sweet sight to come in the room and see 5 little bodies huddled around her crib watching her, all wanting to touch her (of course that is being monitored VERY closely!) and tell you she is crying and calling for the Ayi to come take care of her! Some of the newness has worn off, so the other children aren't always hovering around her crib, but they are enjoying her in spite of her tears. She is beautiful and we are still observing her to see how fragile she is, being very cautious with her. Now that she is under our care, we hope some individuals will begin to sponsor her. As she has OI, we will need $ 250 per month for her care. Please consider contributing toward that amount on a monthly basis.

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