Clay and Jewel Complete Adoption of New Daughter

Monday, December 31 2012 Posted in Newsletter

Clay and Jewel Floch been working towards adopting since the end of August 2011. Of course there is a very long story in their journey but we will just give you a few highlights.

They truly thought they would be parents again by May 2012 because they got their paperwork completed quickly and it was in China the end of March. Then they found out, their daughter's paperwork wasn't completed. The Chinese authorities weren't sure that Clay and Jewel truly understood the severity of the child's special needs and that she will likely be in a wheelchair all her life.

They assured the authorities that they have known the child for almost 4 years, and were fully aware of her condition. After more steps along the way, Clay and Jewel found out, finally, on August 28th that they would be parents again! Elizabeth is 10 years old and has congenital spinal abnormalities and club feet. She is beautiful, smart and is a leader.

Explaining a bit of their story, will help you to understand the significance of that news. You see, they lost their sons in an accident over 11 years ago, and their lives were changed forever, never to be the same again. The date our boys, Jewel's dad and our nephew died in the accident was August 28th. Our heavenly Father was on the redemption path yet again - redeeming a day that would forever be remembered as the worst day in their lives - changing that day to a day when they became parents again.

On Thanksgiving Day they got to tell Elizabeth they would be her parents sometime in the next 30 days. Just 17 days later they got to "pick her up" at her orphanage. Doing the traveling thing and getting a daughter before Christmas was the best Christmas present they could get after the gift of His Son!! Another coincidence,or "G*d cidence," is that they signed the final papers on the day of their oldest sons 32nd birthday.

We rejoice with Clay and Jewel. They have been very blessed indeed!

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