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ANNOUNCING the new Agape Family Adoption Fund (AFAF)

We are excited to announce that wehave created an AGAPE FAMILY ADOPTION FUND for each of the adoptable children living at Agape Family Life House.  The purpose of these funds will be to assist those families who qualify to adopt AFLH children with the cost of adoption.  You may or may not be aware that cost to adopt a Chinese orphan can be well upwards of $ 20K.  For many families who would be inclined to adopt, this amount may discourage them from pursuing the opportunity.  Although there are many resources available from which families may obtain financial assistance in the form of grants and loans, the current economic situation and number of adoptions have stretched the existing sources beyond their abilities to provide enough funding for all who apply.  To help our AFLH children have a better chance of being adopted, we have decided to create an Agape Family Adoption Fund (AFAF) for each adoptable child as an extra resource for those families who will pursue adoption of our children.  By helping our children be adopted, we are taking one more step toward helping them be placed into a loving environment with a FOREVER FAMILY of their own.  Of course, when an AFLH child is adopted and goes to live with their new family, it opens space at AFLH for additional orphans  to come to live in a loving environment where they can receive medical help, education, spiritual enrichment, hope and love in preparation to face their future as they grow up. 

We have updated our website to be able to receive donations to the AFAF for each adoptable child as of today.  We have indicated  which children have an AFAF fund into which you may donate.  These funds are NOT intended to replace the regular monthly support or any other donations you may wish to give toward the regular operation of Agape Family Life House, but, rather, to be another way to help AFLH provide for the future of our kids.  We pray that many of you will see this as an opportunity to make a difference in the future of these precious children and the families which would provide a loving environment in which they can grow up.  Donations may be sent to Agape Family Church, P.O. Box 215, Wood Dale, IL 60191 and marked for the specific child’s AFAH.  For those who wish to donate online, our website,, have included a provision to donate to the AFAF for each specific child for whom we have an AFAF set up. 

On behalf of Agape Family Life House Staff and Children,  THANK YOU  for your past support and thank you in advance for becoming a part of the AFAF program to facilitate the adoptions of our kids.


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