Another visit by the Filions of Dulwich

Sunday, June 02 2013

Maifa, Andy and Jack Filion, who have been faithful volunteers for over a year spent their last Saturday with us saying goodby. Maifa was a teacher at Dulwich schools and has promoted Agape in many ways. She has come about once a month bringing fun art projects for the children to do. Andy and Jack come along and help get the job done. They have loved and cherished our children and they will be missed by all of us at Agape! We are so grateful for this family and their spirit of walking with us on the journey of making life better for the children. Thank you Filion's for watching out for opportunities for the Bakery to share baked goods, for exposing the young children of Dulwich to our children as they have visited your classroom and thank you for your love. Come back and see us! We love you.

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