Special Fundraising

Special Fundraising

Last winter Danielle, a student from Jamaica spend some time at AFLH to work on a documentary about the Bread of Life Bakery as part of her graduation assignment for her Masters in Television and Film Production. She decided to start a fund raising for AFLH. Go to https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/agape-a-family-for-children-with-brittle-bones#/story to read her story, see part of her work and donate! The fund raising will end on July 2, 2015. Please have a look and consider a donation. Thank you Danielle!

Updates 2015

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Updates 2015

Last winter we said our goodbyes to two of our teenagers, both are adopted by American families. Joseph left Agape just before Christmas to be with his new family in the US, and Candy left right before Chinese New Year. She lives with her new family in China. 

We have updated the "our kids" section, please have a look to see new pictures and meet the new kids in Agape.

Bread of Life Bakery - The Pits

Monday, June 17 2013

Bread of Life Bakery - The Pits
If you can, imagine pitting 4 boxes of cherries. The bakery women have done just that! They spent many hours doing this job and then canning the cherries for cherry pies to make and sell. They did receive some help from some guests who were recently here, bringing to life the saying, "many hands make the work load lighter." It was fun for the guests to be a part of taking the "pits" out of the job. :)

Charlotte's Surgery Successful!

Friday, June 14 2013 Posted in Newsletter

Charlotte's  Surgery Successful!
Charlotte had surgery 2 weeks ago to rod her femur and tibia. She is doing very well and her spirits are her usual cheerful self! It will be so exciting to see her with 2 straight legs! Won't be long now! The pictures don't show her leg but they show her brightness and being in the camera "spotlight!"

Olivia's Adoption is ALMOST Complete

Wednesday, June 12 2013

Olivia's Adoption is ALMOST Complete
Olivia has a mom and will meet her in about a month! We got to tell her the good news on June 2nd. Her mom visited last year and met Olivia on June 20th. Of course there was great joy as everyone heard the news and was excited for her. Please ask for our children that those who do not yet have families will soon have a family to call their own just like Olivia does!

Another visit by the Filions of Dulwich

Sunday, June 02 2013

Another visit by the Filions of Dulwich
Maifa, Andy and Jack Filion, who have been faithful volunteers for over a year spent their last Saturday with us saying goodby. Maifa was a teacher at Dulwich schools and has promoted Agape in many ways. She has come about once a month bringing fun art projects for the children to do. Andy and Jack come along and help get the job done. They have loved and cherished our children and they will be missed by all of us at Agape! We are so grateful for this family and their spirit of walking with us on the journey of making life better for the children. Thank you Filion's for watching out for opportunities for the Bakery to share baked goods, for exposing the young children of Dulwich to our children as they have visited your classroom and thank you for your love. Come back and see us! We love you.


Thursday, May 23 2013

Phoebe is a volunteer who has been coming to AFLH for many months. She comes most every weekday and spends her time loving on our younger children mostly and teaching them more about Him! She loves the children and teaching them with crafts along with stories building character traits is a real blessing with the children. It took awhile for the older children to totally trust and accept her, but a corner has been turned in that regard, and, now, the girls especially enjoy doing crafts and talking with her many afternoons after school. Thank you, Phoebe, for your love for Him that gives you a love and heart for these special children! We love you and they love you!

Palm Beach Atlantic College, Florida USA

Tuesday, May 21 2013

In May, we had 9 visitors from Palm Beach Atlantic College in Florida. They came each morning and interacted with our children and the women in the bakery. They also provided some elbow grease and helped with cleaning the bakery and the foster home for the younger children. We sure appreciate the time they invested at Agape! You are welome back again next year Palm Beach Atlantic!


Thursday, April 04 2013 Posted in Newsletter

ANNOUNCING the new Agape Family Adoption Fund (AFAF)

We are excited to announce that wehave created an AGAPE FAMILY ADOPTION FUND for each of the adoptable children living at Agape Family Life House.  The purpose of these funds will be to assist those families who qualify to adopt AFLH children with the cost of adoption.  You may or may not be aware that cost to adopt a Chinese orphan can be well upwards of $ 20K.  For many families who would be inclined to adopt, this amount may discourage them from pursuing the opportunity.  Although there are many resources available from which families may obtain financial assistance in the form of grants and loans, the current economic situation and number of adoptions have stretched the existing sources beyond their abilities to provide enough funding for all who apply.  To help our AFLH children have a better chance of being adopted, we have decided to create an Agape Family Adoption Fund (AFAF) for each adoptable child as an extra resource for those families who will pursue adoption of our children.  By helping our children be adopted, we are taking one more step toward helping them be placed into a loving environment with a FOREVER FAMILY of their own.  Of course, when an AFLH child is adopted and goes to live with their new family, it opens space at AFLH for additional orphans  to come to live in a loving environment where they can receive medical help, education, spiritual enrichment, hope and love in preparation to face their future as they grow up. 

We have updated our website to be able to receive donations to the AFAF for each adoptable child as of today.  We have indicated  which children have an AFAF fund into which you may donate.  These funds are NOT intended to replace the regular monthly support or any other donations you may wish to give toward the regular operation of Agape Family Life House, but, rather, to be another way to help AFLH provide for the future of our kids.  We pray that many of you will see this as an opportunity to make a difference in the future of these precious children and the families which would provide a loving environment in which they can grow up.  Donations may be sent to Agape Family Church, P.O. Box 215, Wood Dale, IL 60191 and marked for the specific child’s AFAH.  For those who wish to donate online, our website, www.agapeflh.org, have included a provision to donate to the AFAF for each specific child for whom we have an AFAF set up. 

On behalf of Agape Family Life House Staff and Children,  THANK YOU  for your past support and thank you in advance for becoming a part of the AFAF program to facilitate the adoptions of our kids.


Clay and Jewel Complete Adoption of New Daughter

Monday, December 31 2012 Posted in Newsletter

Clay and Jewel Complete Adoption of New Daughter

Clay and Jewel Floch been working towards adopting since the end of August 2011. Of course there is a very long story in their journey but we will just give you a few highlights.

They truly thought they would be parents again by May 2012 because they got their paperwork completed quickly and it was in China the end of March. Then they found out, their daughter's paperwork wasn't completed. The Chinese authorities weren't sure that Clay and Jewel truly understood the severity of the child's special needs and that she will likely be in a wheelchair all her life.

They assured the authorities that they have known the child for almost 4 years, and were fully aware of her condition. After more steps along the way, Clay and Jewel found out, finally, on August 28th that they would be parents again! Elizabeth is 10 years old and has congenital spinal abnormalities and club feet. She is beautiful, smart and is a leader.

Explaining a bit of their story, will help you to understand the significance of that news. You see, they lost their sons in an accident over 11 years ago, and their lives were changed forever, never to be the same again. The date our boys, Jewel's dad and our nephew died in the accident was August 28th. Our heavenly Father was on the redemption path yet again - redeeming a day that would forever be remembered as the worst day in their lives - changing that day to a day when they became parents again.

On Thanksgiving Day they got to tell Elizabeth they would be her parents sometime in the next 30 days. Just 17 days later they got to "pick her up" at her orphanage. Doing the traveling thing and getting a daughter before Christmas was the best Christmas present they could get after the gift of His Son!! Another coincidence,or "G*d cidence," is that they signed the final papers on the day of their oldest sons 32nd birthday.

We rejoice with Clay and Jewel. They have been very blessed indeed!

Jeff Knipe Family visits Danny in N.Y.

Friday, December 28 2012 Posted in Newsletter

Jeff Knipe Family visits Danny in N.Y.
One of the major supporters of AFLH, Jeff Knipe, and his family were in New York on Dec. 28 and had an opportunity to visit with Danny Mun, who is the Manager of our Bread of Life Bakery. Danny was home to see his family for the Holidays. They were able to get a first hand report about the young lady whom they sponsor, Wen Wen (Grace) who is one of the Bakery workers whom Danny has been training. Danny carried a special greeting card back from Grace to the Knipe Family.

New Baby comes to AFLH

Saturday, December 22 2012 Posted in Newsletter

New Baby comes to AFLH
AFLH has a new baby! Wei She Yu, English name Angela, came to us on 12/12/12, from Shanxi province. She is 2 months old and very alert, following you with her eyes. She arrived with a cast on her little arm due to her OI condition but is doing very well. She is sure hungry when feeding time comes! Has her nap times and wake times a bit mixed up but we are working on that. What a sweet sight to come in the room and see 5 little bodies huddled around her crib watching her, all wanting to touch her (of course that is being monitored VERY closely!) and tell you she is crying and calling for the Ayi to come take care of her! Some of the newness has worn off, so the other children aren't always hovering around her crib, but they are enjoying her in spite of her tears. She is beautiful and we are still observing her to see how fragile she is, being very cautious with her. Now that she is under our care, we hope some individuals will begin to sponsor her. As she has OI, we will need $ 250 per month for her care. Please consider contributing toward that amount on a monthly basis.

Joseph Broke His Leg

Monday, December 10 2012

Joseph putting an ornament on the tree.
Joseph broke his left femur November 29th, so the next day he had surgery putting the rod in this limb. He is doing very well. He came home from the hospital ready to go! He seems to have no pain although his time in the hospital was a bit trying as the cast is kind of uncomfortable. He is doing very well and looking forward to having the cast off the first part of January. He has been a very good "patient" and continues to be his helpful outgoing self! We are proud of this young man and his servant heart. Always caring about others!

Christmas Gift Suggestions - Child Sponsorship

Friday, November 30 2012

Give a Gift of Love this Christmas

As we approach Christmas, may we suggest that you consider giving a special gift of Love to one or more of our AFLH children who yet needs support monthly. Listed hereafter are the names and needs of Children who are not fully supported. You may see their bios on our website at www.agapeflh.org . Thank You for considering them in your giving this year...


Cindy $ 200 / mo

Hanna $ 200 / mo

Addison $ 160 /mo

Candy $ 200 / mo

Geno $ 175 / mo

Joanna $ 150 / mo

Stephen $ 175 / mo

Even if you can not make a commitment to support on a monthly basis, a one time gift would be greatly appreciated. Donations may be made online at the website via PayPal or mailed to Agape Family Church, P.O. Box 215, Wood Dale, IL 60191 and marked AFLH indicating the Child's name.

Blessings to you at this special time.

Agape <3